Singing in Tune

Do you like to sing? I sure do and that’s what this blog is going to be all about. I enjoy singing in all kinds of places and it’s something that really gets me fired up.

It makes me feel great and really lifts me up. Being able to sing in tune is a big bonus and its a talent I guess I had all my life, but I never pursued it professionally. I just like to fill my lungs with air, open my mouth and sing to my heart’s content just for my own enjoyment and hopefully for anyone who happens to be listening too!

You know, loads of people turn to alcohol or drugs to get them out of those dark places we all seem to drift into from time to time. Not me. No sir, I just think of a really uplifting song I know and then blast it out from the rooftops (or maybe just from my bathtub).

Inside a few bars I’m already feeling uplifted and a few more has me feeling om top of the world once again. Depression is for losers. Not me. I chase depression away with song and life and wonder and amazement!

So yeah, if you happened to land on this page and wondered what in the world this guy is jabberin’ on about here, that’s about the long and the short of it. For me, being able to vocalize my thoughts, needs and desires in musical tones that are pleasing to me and others, I just don’t ever let life get me down for long!

I get down — I sing — I get up!

You can do it too if you have a mind to. You might say, “Hey, I can’t sing!” but that’s where you’d probably be wrong. If you got a voice and you can get a tune inside your head, then with some vocal coaching, you can sing it. Check out this site http://webmusicstar.com for vocal lessons online if you don’t believe me!

It’s not as tough as you might think to learn how to do this, and plenty of folks do it all the time. If you think you’re tone deaf, you’re probably not. You just think you are. But you can learn how to be tone perfect in a very short space of time.

I never for one second believed I couldn’t sing and you know what? There has never been a time in my life I couldn’t do it. I learned long ago that belief is an incredibly powerful force that can make miracles happen in anyone’s life when they believe in something.

Just believe with all your heart you can hold a great tune and you will do it. Honest!


New Music to Sing

When you love to sing, it can be a constant source of wonder to keep discovering new musical styles and ideas along your travels. There are plenty of places to find these fascinating discoveries, but as good place as any is good old Youtube.

Of course you don’t want to limit yourself just to the biggest video repository ever. As if that’s anything like limiting!

There are also loads of great websites that are themed on musical this or that and many promote newer stuff as well as the old classics. I always like to just do some casual searching around the place via a search engine for ideas and it can be surprising what pops up when I least expect it.

Discovering the Latest Musical Trends

For many singers, it can be incredibly awesome to latch onto the latest trends and hear things for the first time ever. These days, that is actually pretty rare, since just about everything that can be done with the human voice has already been done and done again!

However, that doesn’t mean that new innovations don’t exist. They are just harder to find since they don’t tend to appear all that often. My motto is to always live in anticipation of something amazing happening. And it usually does!

I even found a dedicated website the other day that was for just exactly this kind of thing called www.newmusicplease.com and even though it’s getting underway and still in need of some work, it’s already worth taking a look for inspiration. I just love being inspired and when I feel like singing something I have not sung before, that is exactly what I need.

Be Inspired

All I can say from here on out is that if you want to really take your own singing to the next level and get as much out of it as I do, the thing to be is “inspired” and the more, the better! Inspiration comes from hearing something that is fresh, exciting and definitely out of the ordinary.

For me, that means something that is not necessarily unusual but something that is at least a little bit special and not been done before.

You know, it’s very easy to get tired of hearing the same old same old stuff day in and day out. It can put a massive dampener on the excitement that should always accompany diving into song and putting your voice through its paces and singing in tune not just with yourself, but with everyone else as well as your whole being.

It’s kind of like the best thing ever!


Recapping Musical Styles

In a short look at some of the different musical waves that emerged in past decades, I’ll be looking at some different styles of music with their own unique labels attributed to each. I want to start this off here by taking an overview look at what is generally labeled as popular music or “Pop.”

Pop music has really been around for ever, as each decade has produced its own style of music that can accurately be labeled popular. But this is not what is meant by the term we have all come to know.

The kind of pop music we think of is that which came into being in the 1960s and came to describe the chart records of the time. It encompassed the music of the greats such as the Beatles, Yardbirds, Animals, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, etc and although in its earliest form was a merger of rock n roll and the more progressive form of songs of the day, it eventually came to mean the genre of music that populated the charts from the late 1960s onward.

Into the early part of 1970s, a proliferation of pop bands came into being, the foremost of those being British bands such as Slade, T Rex, The Sweet, Bay City Rollers, Mud, The Move, later to become ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) and Wizard, Thin Lizzie and a string of others too numerous to mention.

American bands also proliferated the charts at the time of the early 1970s, with stars like Alice Cooper, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Neil Diamond, The Band, The Allman Brothers, Steely Dan, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Osmonds, The Jackson Five etc.

Other top international acts were Sweden’s Abba (who dominated the charts throughout most of the mid to late 1970s), Holland’s Focus and Golden Earring, Germany’s Kraftwerk and Canada’s Bachman Turner Overdrive, to name but a few.

These bands shaped an era of up-beat, catchy tunes that were popular to dance to in dance halls that became known as discotheques, or “Discos” and remained popular right up until the early 1980s, when big changes appeared in music, for which I’ll move onto now.

Punk Rock

I’ll take the bit in the middle of pop and new romantic which was an unruly time for the music industry when a band, created by Malcolm McClaren called the Sex Pistols burst onto the scene. Punk music had arrived.

This was initially a totally British thing. The US took a couple of years to catch on to it but they never managed to recreate the raw power of the British sound. Bands like The Clash, The Stranglers, Generation X, Stiff Little Fingers, Siouxsie and the Banshees, 999 and X-Ray Specs were incredibly rude, obnoxious and loud!

This is only true at the outset as international bands gained momentum. Punk became the outlet for a lot of anger and course language and on some TV shows, viewer discretion was advised. The style became almost an overwhelming force back then.

Let’s get through this faster. I’m not all that knowledgeable about the bulk of bands around that time, but I do have a handful of favorites.

Lets talk a little about vocalist that are not a necessity because there are many that are found online. the average punk band was not complicated. You need to follow your instincts.

Perhaps, this is the most robust success of the thrash guitarist. I am not going into your vexed questions about what the drummer was up to, but if you think about it, it makes sense.

Sometimes using the raw edge of the punk group is hard work, sometimes it’s not. So how did they make the guitarists work for that kind of simplistic yet powerful genre? There is nothing special or different about most music, but punk rock definitely broke the mold.

80s New Romantic

Now to turn to the 1980s when, following a brief spell when punk music all but took over the charts, the British based new romantic bands pushed to the forefront of the music scene.

It happened because of the rise in affordable synthesizer keyboards with lots of new sounds and polyphony – a luxury not before afforded synth players. The Prophet 5 changed all that, and one of the first bands to make use of the instrument was Japan. Other bands soon followed, such as Duran Duran, OMD, The Thompson Twins, Scritti Politti, Soft Cell, Spandau Ballet amongst others.

Music created residual income for many hangers on which is because this is probably new to 99% of the people who try it. Most styles have a predetermined set of approved chart hits. The same technique works with all types you can think of. There are some things I really consider important when picking a saxophonist for a band. The resurrection of the saxophone is specifically due to what was going on in the music charts. This is a long standing situation.

There is probably a list of all bass guitarist types too. It is funny that you would be talking about it and I know this is kind of intangible. If you are looking for a simple take on the music charts this is your answer.

I don’t know but it seemed not to work for me. This doesn’t play a part in a that that torpedoes comportment for a group. I’m going to share my personal insights into what I’ve learned about different bands over the years.

Let us begin by finding out why you have an attraction to certain kinds of music. Here then, we are brought to the question of the power of music. As you’ll see, most of my ideas are around this thing. To me the 80s really saw the rise of the keyboard player.

You would want to take note this. I’m going to go old school today and look at some of what the early synths did to create the sounds that dominated the early 80s. I think that you’ll be like minded on this issue. If you’re new to music that is probably the exact reaction you’re having right now.

This will enable you to realize you can’t please everyone. A good bass guitarist became crucial to the romantic kind of band sound. This is fair and square since the New Romantic movement lasted throughout the 1980s and was incredibly popular.

The Blues

I want to go back in time to the days of the blues. This is real American music because this is where the blues was born, from the freed slaves that still had very hard lives, some of whom took up a battered old guitar or a harmonica or whatever they could lay their hands on to make music with and sang of their problems, hard lives and trouble they had with women!

The early greats such as Robert Johnson, Magic Sam, Elmore James lead on to giants on the later years such as BB King, Bo Diddley and John Lee Hooker with other great names including Albert Collins, Buddy Guy and John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers.

By the time you’re done reading this article you’ll know just what I’m talking about. We want the best guitarists to be all inclusive while some problems are simple to solve like this, but are very rare. I’m in the live vocalist clan when they moved at breakneck speed. I insist that the public not be misled and ill-informed about drummer. My idea is based around my assumption that some people have a partiality about vocalist.

This works but when dealing with a band that constructs appearance for a chart hits. I want to avoid feeling frantic. There are a lot of myths about keyboard player. There is so much information on band available. I know you didn’t miss that I acquiesce to this cool suspicion. A couple of days ago I expressed some interest in it.

There are few things impress the imagination more than guitarist. Chart hits are a easy way to gain access to more of the limelight, there’s no doubt. If a musician could be found anywhere that did not support the vocalist I would be surprised.

You may not see at first what the matter of blues music has to do with the evolution of what we know and love today. If you think music will keep evolving, take a look at the way music is today. Here’s the question you need to be asking yourself. This is valuable knowledge. Well, they shall remain nameless but they know who they are.

The blues will always be with us in some form or another but you can be sure that it’ll never go away.


Singing Live

One of the greatest aspects to being able to sing really well is to go out and perform in front of  a live audience and get positive feedback in the form of applause. The louder and more rapturous that applause, the better you’ll know you were!

So what does singing in a live situation entail and what are the things you should be looking out for?

Live on Stage

Whether you are standing up in front of real people in a small bar or club or if you’re on a big stage performing to hundreds or even thousands of people, the skills you will need and the techniques you should employ are pretty much the same. As long as there are people listening to you sing to them, you need to do your very best and make their day in the best possible way.

That means when you’re singing live, coming over with your best voice, in tune and with as much feeling or “soul” as you can muster. An audience is usually very receptive to a powerful performance and putting everything you’ve got into yours will undoubtedly rub off on the onlookers.

It’s a kind of mental and physical transference of emotion and aura that you transmit to your listeners and the more powerfully you can do that, the more moved will be that audience (and the greater will be the resulting applause). So why should you do your absolute best whether you’re performing to a dozen people or a crown of 12,000 for example?

Being At Your Best No Matter What

It’s all about being at your absolute best no matter what the size of your audience. No matter how many or how few people are enjoying your output, you owe it to yourself to be the best you can be. After all, it may be that one of that handful of listening people turns out to be a prominent member of the  music industry who just happens to be in the right place at the right time for you.

If you gave any less than your best, how could you realistically expect a top music producer to take a keen interest in you? The answer is that this is a fickle business and giving it your all can result in a major transformation of your entire life if the right person happens to be listening at the right time!

So always do your very best, give it everything you’ve got. And no matter how few or how many people are standing or sitting in front of you when you do it, any day could be your lucky day!