New Music to Sing

When you love to sing, it can be a constant source of wonder to keep discovering new musical styles and ideas along your travels. There are plenty of places to find these fascinating discoveries, but as good place as any is good old Youtube.

Of course you don’t want to limit yourself just to the biggest video repository ever. As if that’s anything like limiting!

There are also loads of great websites that are themed on musical this or that and many promote newer stuff as well as the old classics. I always like to just do some casual searching around the place via a search engine for ideas and it can be surprising what pops up when I least expect it.

Discovering the Latest Musical Trends

For many singers, it can be incredibly awesome to latch onto the latest trends and hear things for the first time ever. These days, that is actually pretty rare, since just about everything that can be done with the human voice has already been done and done again!

However, that doesn’t mean that new innovations don’t exist. They are just harder to find since they don’t tend to appear all that often. My motto is to always live in anticipation of something amazing happening. And it usually does!

I even found a dedicated website the other day that was for just exactly this kind of thing called and even though it’s getting underway and still in need of some work, it’s already worth taking a look for inspiration. I just love being inspired and when I feel like singing something I have not sung before, that is exactly what I need.

Be Inspired

All I can say from here on out is that if you want to really take your own singing to the next level and get as much out of it as I do, the thing to be is “inspired” and the more, the better! Inspiration comes from hearing something that is fresh, exciting and definitely out of the ordinary.

For me, that means something that is not necessarily unusual but something that is at least a little bit special and not been done before.

You know, it’s very easy to get tired of hearing the same old same old stuff day in and day out. It can put a massive dampener on the excitement that should always accompany diving into song and putting your voice through its paces and singing in tune not just with yourself, but with everyone else as well as your whole being.

It’s kind of like the best thing ever!