Singing in Tune

Do you like to sing? I sure do and that’s what this blog is going to be all about. I enjoy singing in all kinds of places and it’s something that really gets me fired up.

It makes me feel great and really lifts me up. Being able to sing in tune is a big bonus and its a talent I guess I had all my life, but I never pursued it professionally. I just like to fill my lungs with air, open my mouth and sing to my heart’s content just for my own enjoyment and hopefully for anyone who happens to be listening too!

You know, loads of people turn to alcohol or drugs to get them out of those dark places we all seem to drift into from time to time. Not me. No sir, I just think of a really uplifting song I know and then blast it out from the rooftops (or maybe just from my bathtub).

Inside a few bars I’m already feeling uplifted and a few more has me feeling om top of the world once again. Depression is for losers. Not me. I chase depression away with song and life and wonder and amazement!

So yeah, if you happened to land on this page and wondered what in the world this guy is jabberin’ on about here, that’s about the long and the short of it. For me, being able to vocalize my thoughts, needs and desires in musical tones that are pleasing to me and others, I just don’t ever let life get me down for long!

I get down — I sing — I get up!

You can do it too if you have a mind to. You might say, “Hey, I can’t sing!” but that’s where you’d probably be wrong. If you got a voice and you can get a tune inside your head, then with some vocal coaching, you can sing it. Check out this site http://webmusicstar.com for vocal lessons online if you don’t believe me!

It’s not as tough as you might think to learn how to do this, and plenty of folks do it all the time. If you think you’re tone deaf, you’re probably not. You just think you are. But you can learn how to be tone perfect in a very short space of time.

I never for one second believed I couldn’t sing and you know what? There has never been a time in my life I couldn’t do it. I learned long ago that belief is an incredibly powerful force that can make miracles happen in anyone’s life when they believe in something.

Just believe with all your heart you can hold a great tune and you will do it. Honest!